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On the Titans stupid onside kick

Time to scrap that onside kick- and everyone who allowed it to happen.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

There are at least 10 reasons that Mike Munchak should be fired, but the fact that he let Alan Lowry leave after last season is near the top of the list.  The special teams have been awful this season after being one of the best parts of the team last year.  Good call, Munch.

There is no doubt the worst thing about the special teams has been the returners, but that stupid onside kick they keep trying is a very close second.

I get that it is supposed to do something different than what it did.  In fact, it worked for Oregon against Stanford, but for some reason when Rob Bironas does it, as Frank Wycheck said, it looks like a father sitting on the floorolling the ball to his 2-year old.  Thinks that seems extreme?  Watch this:


That ball does nothing but roll.  The only way you are going to recover and onside kick is if you get a crazy bounce to create some mayhem.  I don't know if Bironas isn't doing it right or what, but they have tried it twice in a game and it has done nothing but roll harmlessly into the arms of the opposing team.

Time to make an adjustment on this...wait, what am I saying?  This team is incapable of making adjustments.

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