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Colts-Titans recap: A tale of two Dowells

The Titans offense came out with a really good game plan but failed to make adjustments as the game went along.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans came out in this game with an excellent offensive game plan.  They played up temp, spread the field and got Ryan Fitzpatrick in a rhythm early.  That was exactly what they needed to get things going in this game, and it resulted in 17 points in the first half.  That was good Dowell.

Bad Dowell showed up in the second half when he failed to adjust to the Colts adjustments.  Indianapolis started playing cover-1 and pressing the receivers at the line.  That SCREAMS for shots down the field to guys like Justin Hunter and even Kenny Britt.*

They never really did that.  They only took one shot down the field with Hunter- who only played 16 snaps (partly because he left the game early with a probable concussion).  Britt only played 13 snaps.

You know what would have been really awesome? Put Britt and Hunter on the field at the same time (insert Jeff Fisher joke about Randy Moss and Kenny Britt playing the same position here) and send them both on go routes- make the single high safety pick which one he will cover.

I need to go back and watch it, but off the top of my head I am pretty sure that they only threw the ball more than 15 yards down the field less than 5 times.  That is inexcusable against a team that is playing cover 1.

*I know Britt has fallen out of favor and you really cannot count on him, but if you are going to have him on the roster and active on game day, you might as well use him.

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