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Titans Coaching Carousel: The Debut

It's that time of year again! Welcome to the first edition of the Titans Coaching Carousel of 2013

He should've left with the Titans plane out of town earlier this year
He should've left with the Titans plane out of town earlier this year
Jared Wickerham

After a promising start to the 2013 season, the Tennessee Titans have lost five of the past six games to fall out of playoff contention (unless something crazy miraculous happens). All five losses haven't been of the same caliber but certainly an adventure in their own right. With each loss, the calls for Mike Munchak's job increases with vigorous tenor. It is abundantly clear that he is in over his head and is regularly outclassed by the opposing coach. The Titans and their fans are experiencing the follies of hiring best friends on the coaching staff instead of getting the best available. A player led mutiny is also brewing in the midst after a player's only meeting was held to air out grievances. Another factor in Mr. Munchak's potential dismissal is the change in command at the top of organization after the passing of Bud Adams. Although the new owner is from the Adams household, new owners often mean new coaching regimes. In the end, it doesn't look good for Munchak. Onward to our first candidate!

Candidate: Mike Tomlin

Current gig: Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach

There are rumors swirling around the league about Tomlin and the Steelers mutually agreeing to part ways. Perhaps it is time for the Titans to strike again for another ex Steeler.


  • He practices what he preaches: The Steelers, despite their litany of issues, on field or not, have fielded consistently tough winning teams thanks to hard nosed coaching from Tomlin. Unlike Munchak, it is considered real instead of the lip service we get out of Nashville.
  • Coaching pedigree: Tomlin's coaching reputation hasn't been tarnished by the passage of time and is impeccable. He has been through many playoff games and won multiple titles (yes I know Big Ben was a factor but coaching still). Other than being a Hall of Fame player, what has Munchak done as a coach? That's right. Nothing except guide teams that falter against opponents it should crush and fail to win consistently in a mediocre division.


  • Is he burnt out?: The question is that is he burned out by the pressure of the Steelers experience and needs a vacation from all of it to recover?
  • What kind of team will we see?: Will Tomlin bring over the long time Blitzburg mentality with the 3-4 defense or adapt it to the current Titans personnel? The Titans aren't your classic 3-4 team but have the pieces in place to run elements of it. On offense, will/can he avoid the temptation of bringing in the offensive abomination called Todd Haley?

Final Verdict: Yes. I would heartily approve of a potential Mike Tomlin hiring. He is one of the best coaches in the league and is respected by his peers. Another thing is that he's still young and should have the energy to keep on going for awhile. This team needs a change from the old country club ways to the physical and demanding hard nosed coach. The timing of the new ownership (however sad the preceding events that led to it, RIP Bud) is a shot in the arm this organization needs to bring much needed change.