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Tennessee Titans News Links: Same Old, Same Old

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We keep finding ways to lose. It's amazing. If anyone has a legitimate reason why Munch and the rest of this staff should be retained, I'd be happy to hear it. But they just aren't getting the job done. Period. My dad came down when we were up 14-0, and he goes, looks like you guys will pull off the upset, and I know I should be more optimistic, but this team has destroyed the optimist in me. So I responded with, "Don't worry, we still have 3 quarters to screw this up." I am now expecting us to have a huge special teams gaffe. No lead is safe with us. DONALD BROWN ran all over us. We left Coby Fleener wide open time and time again. It just doesn't end. I want a clean slate with this organization, in the coaching ranks. Ruston can stay, as he doesn't seem like part of the problem. I'm with gramsey on this one, where I really really didn't want to start hating Munchak, but I'm getting there. There was no fight until it was too late. AND WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ONSIDE KICK????? SHORT AND NO BOUNCE.

We lost after a promising start. I want to not care, to become apathetic, but I cant. Every loss hurts.

Here's the notes from the first half. Just relive the good times people.

Paul Kuharsky's rapid reaction. Congrats everyone, we are winless in an awful AFC South.

Quote of the day: "Same stuff, different day."

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