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Titans vs Colts: Players to watch, offense

The Titans are in a virtual must-win scenario if they are still looking to get into the playoffs. Who needs to have a big night to make that a reality?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't a secret that both teams want this win badly. The Indianapolis Colts are coming off of a humiliating loss to the St. Louis Rams, and the Tennessee Titans lost to the win-less Jacksonville Jaguars. Who should the Titans lean if they want to redeem themselves?

Delanie Walker

Walker was a big talker after the Titans loss last week, but he has earned that right after playing great football so far. If Walker really wants to lead the Titans both on the field and off, he needs to show that he will be a constant in this offense no matter who the quarterback is. Walker can have a big game versus a mediocre Colts defense, and if he can prove to Fitzpatrick that he should be his outlet receiver he could put up big numbers down the stretch.

Kendall Wright

Wright is the Titans dynamic weapon from here on out. With Chris Johnson an inconsistent variable in the backfield (especially behind a banged up line) the Titans will need to find clever ways to get the ball to him whenever they can. Wright has had a nice year so far, and if he wants to prove that the Titans still have life, he should attempt his best Tavon Austin impersonation.

Michael Roos

Roos is facing his biggest test of the year so far in current sack leader, Robert Mathis. While many expected Mathis to wither without Dwight Freeney on the other side, he has actually thrived. If Mathis smells blood in the water (like he did against the Broncos) he will be relentless all night. If the Roos and the Titans can keep him silent then they can take away the biggest threat on that defense.