What do I want from the Tennessee Titans?

My friend and I were chatting on skype the other night and he asked me a series of questions that made me think. He asked "Hey James, what do you want from the Titans? Do you actually care about the players? Do you care about the team? What do you want overall from them?" I paused, what did I want, and how could I put this into words to someone who doesn't like sports?

I answered "I want consistency"

Too long have I gone into a year thinking this is it, this is going to be the perfect storm and my Titans are going to show the country just what they can do, I can walk around proud with my Tennessee hat on a campus full of bandwagon Texan fans. But alas mediocrity and failed promises are what I find. But I hold strong.

"It's frustrating, its like buying the new iPhone expecting something complete different and getting the same product which basically makes me a bit insane. Now a little bit of insanity is always there with fandom, trust, hope, excitement. You invest so many emotions into a team and pull for the players you would think it was our hip that got dislocated out there. So to a point yes I do care about the players, they wear the colors of my tribe, they go out every Sunday and put their bodies on the line so that a state or a city can relish in the triumph and glory that is a super bowl. But ultimately its about the team, and if we have to trade our best player for others that can help better this team then I'm all for it, I'll cheer for the success of that player else where but I'm focused on this team. I want a team that can be in contention every year. No we don't have to go to the super bowl every year, but a team that can beat the teams they're supposed to, a team that others dread to face, that's what I want. A little fucking respect wouldn't hurt either. But that comes with winning, no one will respect you if you don't give them a reason."

This team is an emotional roller coaster and I'm not getting off. To the Titans I say this, I will continue to support the two toned blue, I will take the jabs and jokes, I will watch every game to the end no matter the score, but for the love of God just win some shit.