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Week 11: Predictions From The Contributors

Week 11: Predictions From The Contributors

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Our guest this week rocked the THUNDERDOME and then doesn't check his email. Looks like the meh is spreading. Check your email people.

CanaDan (8-1)

This season went from bad to worse pretty quickly, and Titans fans should expect a bumpy ride the rest of the way. I have yet to pick the Titans with Fitzpatrick starting. Do Munchak and the Titans rebound with a big upset victory? I have my doubts.

Colts 30 - Titans 17

Gunnels (8-3)

Titans come out pissed off. They will dominate the Colts. Mark my words. Not sure if they fall flat the rest of the way or not, but they WILL WIN this home game.

Titans 24 - Colts 10

Tuna (7-2)

Fitz magic? Ha! That's a good one.

Colts 24 - Titans 10

G (6-3)

Injuries + poor gameplanning and execution + quality opponent = long ass drive back to Chattanooga for GG.

Colts 31 - Titans 9

Xanpham (5-3)

Since last week Titans nation has basically burned down, so this game against the Colts looks a whole lot different with Locker on IR and a team that laid down for the lowly Jags. With the Colts looking to bounce back from an embarrassing loss of their own, I think it will be a physical match-up indeed. That said, Fitz's inaccuracies, a broken run game, and Jerry Gray's inconsistent play-calling on the defensive side of the ball will be too much to bear.

Colts 24 - Titans 16

SuperHorn (3-6)

Under Mike Munchak, the Tennessee Titans are 1-3 against the Colts, with the sole win coming against one of the worst teams in NFL history. Further, over the past three years, the Titans are 3-16 against teams with winning records. Those three wins? The Jets this year (who may not finish over .500). The Texans two years ago when the rested their starters. The Ravens two years ago (a legitimate good win). Oh, and we're down our starting QB, MLB, and Center. As we saw last Sunday, anything is possible in the NFL, but a win here is hardly probable.

Colts 30 - Titans 17

I guess the apathy has spread to our contributors. Only 1 pick for the good guys.

Nobody was right last week, including the poll. That makes you guys 2-6.

Go 12th Titan!