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Jason McCourty spoke up; will it translate?

Jason McCourty let his teammates have it after the debacle against the Jaguars on Sunday. To which I say, it's about time!

Andy Lyons

There has been a lot of talk in the media this week about Jason McCourty's speech after the game on Sunday.  McCourty is more of a soft-spoken guy that leads by example.  For what might have been the first time in his 5 years with the Titans, he let it all out on Sunday.

He talked to Paul Kuharsky of about it earlier this week:

I just look at it as a personal thing," McCourty said. "For me, at that moment, frustration had built up and I felt like there was something on my heart that needed to be said and I said it. I don’t feel like everybody needs to do so. Some guys are very vocal leaders.

I am glad to see McCourty change his tactic. Nick Saban talks a lot about not deviating from the process- no matter what happens. That is great for Saban because it freaking works.

The difference for Mike Munchak and the Titans is that their process is broken and it will be broken until someone does something to fix. Kudos to Jason McCourty for taking that step.

We will find out in less than 7 hours if it translates to the play on the field.


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