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MCM Radio: Talking Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts

Live tonight at 9:00 Central!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

MCM Radio goes live tonight at 9:00 as we bid farewell to Jake Locker's 2013 season, and tip the cap to our new captain, Ryan Fitzpatrick. That's a sentence I never wanted to type, but at least now the path is clear, and the Titans can just focus on putting one gimpy foot in front of the other.

We'll preview tomorrow night's must win match-up against the Colts, as well as the bevy of roster/injury news that's come out of STSP this week. Make sure you catch the live show, because we want to hear your thoughts on what we'l get on Thursday, as well as the rest of the season.

You can get the show by clicking here, and that'll get you to the chat room and call-in info as well.