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The Tennessee Titans: This Is Not A Dumpster Fire

After falling to the win-less Jags, Titans fans are fed up with the teams ineptitude. But how bad is it really?

Wesley Hitt

Let me start by emphasizing that I'm not saying this wasn't a bad loss.  It was.  It was downright horrible and completely inexcusable.  I am in no way, shape, or form saying otherwise.

What I would like to say is that I think everyone is overreacting.

Yes you should be pissed.  Yes, you pay for your tickets with your hard earned money and have every right, nay, I say obligation, to voice your displeasure with the team and the coaching staff.  But the knee jerk reactions this fan base has succumbed to is enough to keep an orthopedic firm in business for a year.

Does it suck to be the first to lose to a win-less team?  Yes.  Is it inevitably going to happen to someone?  Yes, as well.  The Tampa Bay Bucs also got their first win of the season this weekend against the Miami Dolphins.  Would you rather be the Dolphins right now?  (I'm well aware that this is 3 years running with this type of loss).

This coaching staff has put together a good team and made a lot of off season changes to do so.  No one at Saint Thomas Sports Park is complacent.

This team was 3-1 and a play away from 4-0.  Since then, they've tanked.  You know what happened?  They lost their quarterback! The same one the fan base didn't want to give the time to show what he could do.  Let's see how many games the Packers win without Aaron Rodgers.  Try taking Andrew Luck off the Colts and see what their record is during those games.  If Andrew Luck doesn't play great in the fourth quarter, then they lose almost all their games as it is.

The Titans were atrocious last year.  They were way worse than their 6-10 record showed and they've come a long way since then.  With or without Locker, the Titans have been in every game they played this year.  Last year many of these same games would have been absolute 50 point blowouts.  Remember?

As it stands right now the Titans are within 1 game of all but 10 teams in the entire league and 5 in the AFC.  Only 5 teams are ahead by 2 games in the league and there's still 7 left to play.  They have the same or better record than 9 of the 16 AFC teams.  Smack in the middle of the pack with a slight lead over most of the scrum.  A little too early to be calling for the coaches heads if you ask me.

The Titans aren't bottom feeders.  They aren't horrible.  Mediocre? Yes, but that's the NFL.

So for all those that comment on blogs and call in the radio shows, save it for when it counts.  Save it for when they really go in the tank.  If the Titans finish below .500, then I'm with you.   I'll get on board on carry a pitchfork.

If you are frustrated with mediocrity, then I get it.  I am too.  But at the beginning of the year I personally said that if the team looked like they were making definitive strides and progress for the long haul, then I would not call in the mob.  It's hard in the heat of the battle, especially when the same team gets your hopes up, but I'm trying to stick with that.

This team has been resilient all year long and they have another chance to show it.  I have full faith that they will show up on Thursday night and give the Colts all they can handle.  I expect a win in this statement game from the Titans.

Titans fans should be excited about this game, not dreading it.

For all those that stay at home because it's too cold and you're scared they'll lose,  shame on you.

If they lay an egg, then shame on the team and shame on me.