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Tennessee Titans: Questions From The Jaguars Game

After a good reception last week, here's the second installment of what looks like a series. Let's look at the questions that came form the Jaguars loss.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

What happened to the kick return team? - Williams didn't bring the ball out from too deep on either of his first two runs, but by the time he made it to the 10 yard line, it looked like a jail break of Jaguar jerseys. It may be as simple as they were fired up and the Titans weren't, but special teams play has suffered all year for one reason or another.

Why did the offensive play calling look so dramatically different after Jake Locker left the game? - Once Locker was out of the game, Dowell Loggains decided to go empty backfield against an abysmal Jaguars defense, and then throw some screens to boot. Guess what? It worked! It worked with Locker in previous games as well! I'm all for a good run game, but this obsession with establishing the run game, and passing out of run formations early in the game is starting to wear thin on me.

For those that watched the game on TV, are the announcers for the worst games actually paid professionals? Or is there some kind of clipboard I can put my name on for one of the next opportunities?

I know they started with a short field, but how did Maurice Jones-Drew run in the first touchdown untouched? - Didn't we hear all week long, the Titans preaching about stopping him? Everything out of the Titans camp was about stopping MJD and the run. I know that any given play is about assignments, but the Titans did anything but "sell out" to stop the run early in this game.

Why didn't Munchak go for it on 4th and 1, on their own 29, while down 10 points with 6:31 left in the first quarter? - Just kidding.

Why didn't Munchak go for it on 4th and inches, on their own 39, while down 10 points at the start of the 4th quarter? - Not kidding.

Speaking of which, how can the Titans end up under a yard short in third down that many times in a game? - Especially against the jaguars defense. It seriously seemed like they were listening to the Titans calls and knew exactly what was coming.

Why did Locker attempt the intercepted pass to Nate Washington in triple coverage? - That was the tightest of tight windows to even attempt. I like the confidence, but hate the decision making. You could feel Locker already pressing and getting frustrated. Unfortunately, before the injury, Locker was looking like his 2012 self as opposedto the earlier part of this year.

What's with the weird, lay the ball flat, kick it straight to a defender, onside kick thing Bironas is doing? - Seriously? What's it supposed to do? If they try that again I'm going to scream. Top kick it into the ground, bounce it in the air, and give some one a chance at least.

Any quandaries that I missed? Got any answers?