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Tennessee TItans: Silver Lining Week 10

The Titans lost to the previously win-less Jaguars, forcing me to write another Silver Lining post. Something I really don't feel like doing right now.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

So what good came from the Titans most recent loss? How about knowledge?

I have been a defender of head coach Mike Munchak up until this point, but even I am beginning to sway after this showing. Not too long ago I wrote this article on whether or not the Titans were doomed to repeat history. And while they won off the bye week, they continued on to fall victim to the win-less Jaguars.

So now we know, right? The Titans are pretenders, not contenders. That's a good thing in it's own way. Now you have to no longer handle the emotional roller coaster of constantly being fooled into thinking the team is actually good.

In case that's too sarcastic or pessimistic of a Silver Lining, then here's another way to look at it: They only lost by two points, and meanwhile the Colts were being drubbed by the St. Louis Rams to the tune of 38-8. The same team the Titans beat the week before.

Look, you can overreact all you want to. And yes I'm well aware of this team's shortcomings, but the Titans were still in the game with a chance at the end. I'm not sure how I really feel about their chances overall as a team, but they could still make the playoffs, which would be fun in itself, even without Jake Locker.

This team has a chance to establish it's new group of leadership that started by Delanie Walker and Bernard Pollard calling out people that didn't want to be there after the game.

The only hope for the optimist out there is that the team gets pissed. I mean really pissed. Like Ray Lewis' "pissed off for greatness" pissed. They turn into a mauling angry group of misfits that dominates out of sheer will power.

Other happy thoughts:

  • Kendall Wright is awesome. Period
  • The Titans are getting Justin Hunter more and more involved and he looks like he could be awesome as well.
  • There's nothing left to lose. You can go about the rest of the season with little to no expectations and just be happy if something good happens.