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Titans vs Jaguars: inactives

Who isn't playing this week?


Titans inactives

-David Stewart RT

-Rusty Smith QB

-Tommie Campbell ST/CB

-Moise Fokou MLB

-Zac Diles LB

-Pat McQuistan OT

-Lavar Edwards

What that means for the Titans

-The Titans are missing their starting MLB and RT, but it makes sense to rest them against a weaker opponent like the Jaguars, but their future availability is now in question. If these two can't stay healthy it will hamper the Titans playoff hopes.

Jaguars inactives

-Rackley OL

-Stanzi QB

-Stupar LB

-Williams WR

-Taylor WR

-Jones DT

-Fleming CB

What this means for the Jaguars

The biggest name missing from this list is Justin Blackmon. The WR can't play today due to repeated drug related issues, and he is clearly the Jaguars best player. Also missing from the starting roster is second overall pick in the 2012 draft: Luke Joeckel. The Jags are battered and beaten up coming into this game and have to hope that they leave as healthy as possible.