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Titans vs Jaguars: Players to watch, defense

Which three players should have a big day?

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans shouldn't need a particularly big day from anyone to win this game, but it would be nice to see these players have a big day.

Jurrell Casey

Casey had a big game against Pittsburgh to start the season, but then he went dormant as a pass rusher for a long stretch. If Casey can string together two solid pass rushing games without sacrificing anything as a run defender then that would be proof that Casey has really turned the corner.

Akeem Ayers

Now that Ayers is calling the plays on defense, it would be nice to see him give more effort. Last week I was really down on Ayers because I felt like he is either playing hurt or not playing with 100% effort, and either way it should be concerning to Titans fans. However, now that Ayers has been given all this responsibility it is time to see if he is ready to take a leadership role. Ayers is a fan favorite, and nothing would get the crowd going that a sack from him to start the game.

Zach Brown

For the first four games it looked like Zach Brown was poised to have a big year. However (like Casey) Brown hasn't made nearly the impact in the last four games that he did in the first four. Brown has a great history against the Jags, and this could be a great opportunity for a bounce back game.