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Titans vs Jaguars: Players to watch, offense

Which three players should have a big week?

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

This game should be a methodical, surgical contest with the Titans taking minimal chances. If that is the case, the outside of the offense will see limited production. If the Titans are going to stick to the gameplan then they will need to lean heavily on three people.

Chris Johnson

Despite my plea for the Titans to split carries between Shonn Greene and Chris Johnson, I expect CJ to get at a 2:1 ratio of the carries this week. If Chris Johnson doesn't burst through arm-tackles and make plays in space like he did last week, then this could put the Titans "behind the downs" on offense forcing them to pass more than they want.

Shonn Greene

So if Johnson can't get the job done, I hope that the Titans wheel out Greene for entire series instead of using him primarily on third down and in the redzone. Greene has shown that he can make plays on the ground or as a receiver, and his pounding style of play may wear out the defense enough for CJ to get one of his trademark explosive cutbacks.

Kendall Wright

I said earlier that the players on the outside of the offense shouldn't have a big day because the Titans shouldn't need plays of 12-20 yards to beat this team. However, if the Titans do need to pass, the Jaguars third CB vs Kendall Wright is a matchup that they have to feel uncomfortable with. Locker is slowly expanding his comfort zone on offense; first he relied on Nate Washington, then it was Washington and Delanie Walker, now Wright is just as dependable as the other two. With three dependable targets, I expect Wright (the hot hand) to be Locker's first choice on third downs.