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Tennessee Titans: Akeem Ayers on-field DC?

Akeem Ayers is officially calling the shots on the least for tomorrow.

Grant Halverson

Akeem Ayers played OLB his rookie year, the next year the coaches threw in a little bit of DE, and now he is trying his hand at DC?

According to reports on this week's "Titans notebook" (from the team's official website) Akeem Ayers is now calling the plays on the field. Last week Ayers "resumed" play-calling duties and all the other responsibilities that come with being a "Mike" LB, despite playing predominantly OLB and DE.

As you probably guessed from my use of the word "presumed" Ayers has actually called plays before for the Titans. According to the same report, Ayers also called the plays in last year's finale against the Jags.

So how has he done?

This is the question, how has Ayers done with the headset? Well, last year in the matchup against the Jags, the defense had their second-best outing of the year. Not only did the Titans tally three INTs, but both of Zach Brown's interceptions were returned for touchdowns. Outside of that, the defense compiled seven sacks including two from Brown and one from Ayers.

However, against the Rams last week the Titans defense looked complacent and constantly gave up way too much cushion on third-downs. If not for a late forced fumble by Jurrell Casey, then the Titans likely lose that game.

It all comes down to how much changing the headset actually matters. If the Titans are really allowing Ayers to change the calls (within reason) at the L.O.S. then I expect much more pressure tomorrow. If the headset is just to relay the calls then this is a non-story.

This should be an interesting storyline, especially considering how lethargic Ayers has looked lately. Maybe this new responsibility will get his adrenaline going and give Titans fans the old Ayers back.