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Week 9: Predictions From The Contributors and KingTitan214

Week 9: Predictions From The Contributors

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Finally: a shot at Fisher. Hopefully we will give him the opportunity to wear a Jake Locker jersey to feel like a winner. And no, I will not get over it.

No perfect scores for the 49er game. CanaDan is on a season roll....maybe we should throw the point spread out there and see if he could make us some money.

KingTitan214 (4-3)

The Titans are as healthy as one could hope at the midseason mark and we come into the weaker half of the schedule. We will finally get to see what the one-two punch run game looks like with CJ and Greene splitting the carries. The Rams are crippled on offense and the Titans defense will feast on them driving up the positive stats and causing multiple 3-and-outs. On defense, the Rams have a strong front line, but with horrible secondary play (glad we didn’t pay Finnegan) it will be up to Locker to find the mismatches and expose them early on with the passing attack. Locker throws one TD, Greene and CJ each get a TD, and the defense will get in on the action with a TD of their own. Bironas gets 2 FG’s.

Titans 34 - Rams 13

CanaDan (7-0)

I didn't originally give the Rams enough credit. After catching bits and pieces of the Monday night game I think it's going to be very challenging. Their defense is more than capable of keeping them competitive. The separation between the two teams is at QB and it is important to show that Sunday. If we play too conservative and try to out-Fisher Jeff Fisher, the Rams will be given too many opportunities to steal this game. We need to be aggressive. I'm not confident Loggains will do that, but he will let Locker do enough for the Titans to get the win.

Titans 26 - Rams 19

Gunnels (7-2)

Titans roll. Period. Why? Because they HAVE to. This team needs to get over the mediocre hump and prove they are who we all think/want/hope they can be. The game will start out tough and look primed for a defensive struggle with lots of action from the kickers. After a little over a quarter of that action, a nearly fully recovered Jake Locker will break the game open. The Titans won't look back.

Titans 27 - Rams 13

Big Tuna (6-1)

I hate Jeff Fisher and Jared Cook

Titans 21 - Rams 13

gramsey (5-2)

Hopefully this will be a game the Titans actually show up for...not another Munchak Loss™ (I'm coining that phrase).

I can't see us losing to Kellen Clemens, but that St Louis D played well against Seattle. I think it will be low scoring.

Titans 14 - Rams 6

"Xanpham" (4-2)

The Rams are coming off a strong defensive performance, but their secondary doesn't instill fear. Nor does their offense, which is commanded by none other than Kellen Clemens. I see the Rams offense struggling more than Locker and co against this Rams D. If the offensive line can slow down Long and Quinn, I think we'll see good ol' Finny get picked on. Despite Fisher's team being stingy against the run of late, I think the Titans will run the ball well and Locker will bury them with a couple of TDs. The Rams have a lot of talent, but, especially on offense, no clue how to use it. I'll take the Titans in this one as the start of a strong run against some softer competition on the schedule's back end.

Titans 21 - Rams 13

Sharona (4-1)

The teacher takes on the student in a matchup I have waited on all year. St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher plays host to his former team with a list of former Titans players and coaches by his side. Unfortunately for Fisher, this isn't his old Titans team. Fisher will be without starting quarterback Sam Bradford and will be without starting right guard Harvey Dahl. The Rams have a fantastic defensive end combo in Robert Quinn and Chris Long so good offensive line play will be a must for the Titans. The Titans can and must get pressure on backup quarterback Kellen Clemens and must contain Zac Stacy if he plays. Finally, my not so bold prediction but Titans tight end Delanie Walker will have a better game than former Titans tight end and current Ram Jared Cook.

Titans 24 - Rams 13

Jlomas (4-0)

After a disappointing three-game stretch the Titans had a bye week to collect themselves for a game against the Rams. The St. Louis offense has been rough to watch this year, and with Kellen Clemens at QB it will be worse. Raising to the level of competition vs a Seattle team that struggles when traveling may make the Rams look better than they are, but the Titans don't have a lot to worry about. A steady diet of efficient tackling and pressure will force two turnovers and the Titans will look smooth on offense.

Titans 27 - Rams 13

SuperHorn (3-4)

This game concerns me for a variety of reasons. Playing on the road in general is difficult. The Titans under Munch struggle winning on the road with a record of 7-12. (It's worth noting that their win percentage is pretty much in line with the league average.) In an odd way, I think the situation is somewhat complicated by the injury of Sam Bradford. His absence from the lineup opens the door for a conservative gameplan, an idea that's potentially magnified by the return of Shonn Greene. The combination of these factors creates an environment for a tight game with narrow margins. I think this game could go either way, but the advantage goes to the home team.

Rams 16 - Titans 13

DReese (3-1)

Gotta have this one and I like our chances against Fish and co. The Rams seem to have plenty of weapons, but just don't have a staff that's willing to mold a scheme to fit them. Sound familiar? Zac Stacy seems like he could be a legit NFL starter, but forgive me for not fearing a passing game orchestrated by Jeff Fisher and executed by Kellen Clemens against this defense. Offensively, Jake has carved up better defenses than this in his time. This looks like a promising matchup, but that kind of freaks me out a little. I'll call a Titans victory, but one much closer than we would all care to admit, not only because the Rams have some talent on both sides of the ball that could prove problematic, but because this just seems like "one of those games" for whatever reason.

Titans 28 - Rams 24

Greenlawesome (2-4)

Titans win. I am going to the game and it'll be my first live win ever after going 0-4. Look for the defense to stop Kellen Clemens all day and for the offense to open things up. Short and sweet, Titans romp

Titans 70 - Rams 0

That's 10 picks for the good guys and 1 SuperHorn. Poll missed again. You guys are (2-4).