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Titans vs Chiefs: Game Balls

Who deserves some credit for the positives this week?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans lost a tough game to the Chiefs at home, but they were in a very good position to win the contest late in the game. So who helped keep the Titans competitive with Locker out?

Game Ball #1: Kendall Wright.

Give the young man a hand, the former Baylor Bear had some outstanding plays including an impressive one-handed catch to finally spark the offense. Last year Wright got better every week, and it looks like that trend will continue for the 2013 season. If he can keep up this pace then the Titans could have an outstanding trio of wideouts next year.

Game Ball #2: The OTs.

Michael Roos and David Stewart have been having slow years by there standards tempting analysts to question the long-term plan for the bookends, however they had their vintage stuff out on Sunday. The stat sheet says that they each allowed a sack, but most of the pressure was due to Fitzpatrick feeling antsy in the pocket.

Game Ball #3: Nate Washington.

Another WR that has really stepped up for this team and exceeded expectations. Nate had eight targets and three catches, but that is misleading. Several times the refs made terrible no calls on the Titans WRs getting held and Washington was a frequent victim.

Game Ball #4: Bernard Pollard

Pollard was an emotional leader, a constant factor in the running game, the leading tackler for the Titans, had two pass defenses, and made a pick; what more can you ask from the strong safety? Pollard has been good outside of covering shifty WRs one-on-one and I would be surprised if the team doesn't reach out to him and for an extension some time soon.