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Quick Recap: Titans Lose to the Chiefs 26-17

Get well soon, Jake!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Mistakes. That's what this game came down to, and our Titans just made one too many. It wasn't one particular that killed us, be a mounting totality that we couldn't overcome:

  • An unbelievably stupid special teams mistake that gave the Chiefs a 7-point advantage from jump.
  • A gameplan that relied on Levitre and Turner to open holes for CJ against Poe, instead of running away from him every down.
  • Letting Kenny Britt stay on the field past his first drop
  • Terrible performances in the red zone, especially in goal-to-go situations.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick's foolhardy belief that he can throw that skinny post. It lead to the final INT, and should have been picked-off another three times.
  • Fokou getting completely victimized by the refs, which led to the go-ahead touchdown.

If we'd been able to start Locker, we win this game. Fitzpatrick gave a pretty gutsy performance after halftime, but I'll never understand why he played the final few drives like it was all on his shoulders. Especially on the INT that led to the Chief's field goal, we didn't need that big play. With over four minutes left to play, Fitzy should have been much more conservative and willing to dink and dunk.

The only upshot was the defense, which continues to absolutely dominate. They played a phenomenal game that was marred by points given away on special teams and turnovers gifting the Chiefs instant scoring position.

The Titans will be 3-2 as they start up a tough stretch against Seattle and San Francisco. Right now we're in survival mode until Jake gets healthy, but with a few less mistakes we could still split the next two games and get into the bye week feeling good.