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Tennessee Titans: Eyes Downfield

Now that we are a quarter of the way through the season, let's take a look at the landscape around the Tennessee Titans in regards to division standings. We'll revisit this series every couple of weeks as the playoff picture begins to form and key match ups present themselves.

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In The Division

Colts 3-1

Titans 3-1

Texans 2-2

Jaguars 0-4

Obviously the first goal is to win your division, and as of now the Titans sit atop the AFC South with the Indianapolis Colts at 3-1. The Colt's have a tough stretch in front of them with a home game against Seattle, a Monday night game at the Chargers, followed by a return home to host the dominant Denver Broncos. If the Titans are hoping the Colts are going to drop some games, this is the stretch for it to happen, as the second half of their schedule looks much easier.

The Houston Texans may be a game behind the Titans currently, but they do already possess a head to head win. 2 out of the next 3 for the Texans include games at the 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs with the St. Louis Rams as an interlude. The Titans need to stay in front of the Texans as they face each other again in the last game of the regular season.

AFC East

Patriots 4-0

Dolphins 3-1

Jets 2-2

Bills 2-3

As usual, the New England Patriots are the cream of the crop and sit atop the division at 4-0. You can go ahead and pencil them in for winning the division. The Miami Dolphins sit next in line with the same record as the Titans. They'll be the team to keep an eye on if the Titans end up in a wild card race towards the end of the season. The Dolphins play the Ravens, Patriots and Bengals in 3 of their next 4, which will go a long way in shaking out the standings between the East and the North.

AFC North

Browns 3-2

Ravens 2-2

Bengals 2-2

Steelers 0-4

Somehow, the Cleveland Browns inexplicably sit atop the division at 3-2 awaiting this weekends games. The 2-2 Ravens take on the Dolphins while the 2-2 Bengals have to play the New England Patriots. Someone will win the division regardless, but I can't see it being the Browns. Titans fans should probably root for a Patriots win to hold the Bengals down, and a Ravens win over the Dolphins since the Dolphins currently pose more of a threat to the wild card picture.

AFC West

Broncos 4-0

Chiefs 4-0

Chargers 2-2

Raiders 1-3

The Western Division currently has two 4-0 teams in the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Broncos look virtually unstoppable the Chiefs are more of a quandary. Much like the Titans, it's yet to be seen if the Chiefs fast start is more of a function of weak competition, or whether they are actually that good. The Chiefs currently pose the biggest threat to a wild card competition should the Titans find themselves in the playoff race towards the end of the season. This weekend's match up has a lot more weight on it than the Titans following two NFC match ups against the Seahawks and 49ers.