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Tennessee Titans News Links: Just Another Game

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans take on the Rams in what will be a sort of rivalry game this Sunday. Boy do I hope we just annihilate them.

Jeff Fisher says it's no big deal, and down plays the game.

Locker gains more mobility back and should be perfect for the Rams game.Hopefully he torches them on the ground and through the air.

Here's Mike Munchaks press conference from October 30th.

Titans are looking to click offensively down the stretch. The pieces are there, just do it.

Cortland Finnegan says some odd things.

It's Hammer Time says Jeff Fisher.

Greene will get about 15 carries in games now says Munch. Hopefully he can be super effective.

Quote of the Day: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." (Yes this is referring to my beloved Cardinals losing last night. Congrats to the Red Sox and their fans.)