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Titans Tackles: Still Bookends?

The majority of Titan fans' ire this season on offense has been directed to the interior of the offensive line, but how are the two ol' reliable tackles doing this year. Can we still consider them franchise tackles?


I have talked at some length about this earlier in the year, and I think a lot of MCM weighed in on their opinions just before the season with Eric Winston's name being floated around STSP as a potential addition. Now that we are halfway (or thereabouts) into the year, I thought it would be a good plan to take a look at how Roos and Stewart have played thus far.

Michael Roos

Roos has been business as usual so far this year. While he may not be at the level of his prime a few years back, he shows little sign of slowing down or undergoing a decline. He has been a bulwark for the Titans this year, and that cannot be understated with all the new faces on this team. The running game has struggled to get off the ground, but Roos has been a big part of a line that has pass protected pretty well thus far, and allowed Locker to do his thing. While I think it's fair to consider Roos a little long in the tooth, I think the Titans brass would be wise to resign him when his deal is up. I think the team will have some more good years from the Estonia native.

David Stewart

Things haven't been as rosy for "Big Country". Though I wouldn't say he has struggled this year, he definitely has not been his 100% self following a broken leg late last year. That is a LOT of weight to be putting on a break like that. Stewart is almost permanently listed on the "Did Not Practice" list due to soreness despite him starting every game this season up to this point. While I love what he brings to the table in attitude, the power that we have seen in the running game hasn't been there as much as in year's past. I think his days as a starter are numbered, and Webster may consider bringing in a younger guy through the draft if Byron Stingely can't be a capable replacement.

What do you think of the Titans tackles so far?