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Titans vs. Rams: Some initial thoughts on Jeff Fisher's new team

Monday night was the first time I have seen the St. Louis Rams play this season. They looked just like you would expect a Jeff Fisher team to look.

Michael Thomas

Here are a few observations from the Rams game against the Seahawks Monday night:

-Kellen Clemens is not very good. The Titans should be able to load the box without much worry.

-Apparently there is another coaching staff that just doesn't know how to use Jared Cook, you know, because that was the problem here. Cook had a really good game to start the year, but in the 7 games since he has 22 catches for 234 yards and 0 touchdowns. That is an average of 3.14 catches per game for 33.43 yards per game and 0.0 touchdowns per game. Oh, and he still can't block.

-Keep an eye on Zac Stacy's health. Stacy ran really well on Monday night for a team that has struggled to run the ball all season.

-The Rams defense is very good. There two defensive ends, Chris Long and Robert Quinn, get after it. They have 15.5 sacks between them. Michael Roos and David Stewart are going to need to play well for the Titans' offense to move the ball.

-Cortland Finnegan has become a liability in coverage. Also, I guarantee you he will get at least one personal foul penalty in this game. He won't be able to help himself.

-While Finny has been a liability, Janoris Jenkins is really good. He didn't give up the long touchdown to the extremely classy Golden Taint #sarcasm #iknowthatisnthislastname, but he has played well for most of the season.

I will say this a game the Titans should win, but it is going to be a dog fight. You wouldn't expect anything less from teams coached by Jeff Fisher and Mike Munchak.

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