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Tennessee Titans Random Thoughts: LP Field's Club Level

The Titans just spent a cool $25M on renovations and upgrades to LP Field. But there's one glaring change they missed.

Can you see the red?
Can you see the red?
Frederick Breedon

Whether I am able to watch the Titans play in person or at home, there's one one thing that catches my eye every time. The giant band of red seats that encircles the field mid way up the concourse.

Is it the color that stands out so bad? Or the fact that half of those seats are always empty? I say it's the combination of the two.

The Titans have continued their sell out streak since they opened here in Nashville, and while selling the tickets has yet to become a problem, people actually showing up to the game is becoming one. That in particular is a debate for another time, while right now I would like to focus on something much more trivial in nature. The seat color for the club level.

If the suite owners are the royalty of NFL game goers, then the club level is the bourgeoisie. Situated at the perfect height for viewing, the club level ticket owners have many amenities that the regular patrons do not enjoy. Among these are the ability to go inside to warmth on a cold day or to air conditioning when it's 100 degrees in September. Inside the concourse of the club level are leather recliners, massage parlors, bands, and restaurants that offer food at levels well above the standard ball park fare. When in the club level, you can enjoy parts of the game while drinking a Mai Tai and getting a massage if that's what floats you boat.

This is all well and good, but the problem is that even with sellouts, the club level seats are generally half empty. Whether or not the people that own these seats happen to be inside the concourse enjoying the fruits of their high priced tickets, or whether or not they simply decided to just stay home isn't the issue here. The bottom line is that their bottoms aren't covering up their bright red seats.

Be sure that my problem isn't with the club level patrons, spend your money how you want. It's simply how magnified the attendance issue is with these seats. In particular how bad it looks on prime time games on TV. As they say, perception is reality, and it always looks like the Titans faithful aren't so faithful.

Other than a couple licks of flame on the logo, the color red has nothing to do with the Titans. Sure every now and again you'll see a fan wearing one of those weird red alternate jerseys that never really saw the light of day, but that was 12 years ago and never really panned out.

When the Titans want to rally the fan base into a unified front for a big game, they designate it Code Blue, not Code Red. My plea is that on the next go around of renovations, the Titans brass will please consider changing that eye sore band around the stadium.

*It's been awhile since I've had a Random Thought post, but that's what you get in a bye week!