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Kenny Britt trade rumors: Will the Titans be able to move him?

There have been a lot of rumors swirling around about teams being interested in Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt. What are the odds he will on the move before the NFL trade deadline tomorrow?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what the Titans have said publicly, they would love to be able to get a good draft pick to move Kenny Britt before tomorrow's deadline, but the odds that they will be able to do that are pretty slim. We have seen a lot of different reports over the last few weeks about multiple teams being interested in Britt. I find that hard to believe at this point, but that has been out there.

The wide receiver trade market is pretty deep. Hakeem Nicks might be out of the mix now that the Giants have found a heartbeat in the last two weeks, but Josh Gordon is still very much available. The problem some teams have with Gordon is that he is one strike away from being suspended for a year if he fails another drug test.

For all of the problems that Britt has had, he has never failed a drug test.

The Titans would be wise to go ahead and move him if they can get anything higher than a 5th for him, but the odds of that are probably not very good at this point.

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