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Teams the Titans want/wanted to win week 8

Just a reminder on who the Titans wanted to win and why.

The Titans are still in the thick of the playoff race even if they don't win their division. The Titans best chance of getting to the playoffs however is the second wildcard spot (A.K.A WC2). This is a reminder/update on who fans want to win, and how that worked out.


The Titans want the Bengals to beat the Jets first and foremost. The Jets are a 3-4 team that is in the hunt for the elusive WC2 playoff spot. A Bengals win means nothing to the Titans by itself as it looks like they have the inside track on winning their division.

Result: 49-9 Bengals Win.

New England

Again, like the Bengals pick the Pats are leading their division by a healthy margin but play a potential wildcard team. The Dolphins looked like a threat early going 3-0, but has faded down the stretch. The Pats are a team that the Titans should route for often this year, as they have play AFC WC2 contenders six more times this year.

Result: 27-17 NE Win.

New Orleans

Anytime an NFC team plays an AFC team, Titans fans should pull for the NFC team. The worse the AFC is, the easier it is for the Titans to get to the playoffs. That being said, the Titans have extra incentive to pull for a Saints team that is matching up with the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are a 3-4 team that does not play the Titans head-up this year, so the Titans need to have a better record straight up.

Result: 35-17 NO Win.

Kansas City

Unless either the Broncos or Chiefs lose out, it will be tough to imagine a scenario where both of these teams aren't in the playoffs. So, the Titans should be rooting for KC to beat any team in the AFC. Cleveland doesn't have a playoff caliber team right now given their struggles at QB, but they do own a 3-4 record. The Titans need them to become a non-factor in the division so that the road to the playoffs is clearly narrowed.

Result: 23-17 KC Win.


This is the only real coin flip of the day since both of these teams come in with terrible records. The Raiders are slightly worse, and with a win they would essentially eliminate them both barring an insane streak over the last few games against tough teams.

Result: 21-18 OAK Win.

So how did they do.

The Titans had a GREAT weekend and couldn't have asked for anything more. Three of the five 3-4/3-3 AFC teams lost putting them a half-game behind the Titans in the playoff game. On top of that, the Jets also lost bringing their record to 4-4, and only a half-game in front of the Titans. If the year ended today the Titans would still miss the playoffs, but they are just a half-game back from the playoff spot given their tie-breakers.

With a soft schedule ahead, all of the Titans need to do is take care of business over the next two weeks and they could be 5-4 with a clear playoff lead.