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Titans free agent report: 3/3/3

Find out which 2014 free agents need to be re-signed, which need to be let go, and which the jury is still out on.


The Titans need to start looking ahead at the 2014 free agent class during the bye week. The Titans have the core of their roster intact through at least next year, but some of their players are set to hit free agency in March, which three should they sign, which three should they let go, and which three are on the fence.


Alterraun Verner CB

Verner is the clear-cut #1 offseason priority for the Titans. ATV has been playing at a "lights" out level of play, and he almost single-handily won the Pittsburgh game at home by picking Big Ben off early and shifting the momentum. If the Titans can re-sign ATV they would have all of the key cogs of the 2013 defense back in 2014.

Ropati Pitoitua DE

Pitoitua has done more that anyone could have expected him to already, as he is tied for the team lead in sacks with Jurrell Casey. As a pass rusher he has a powerful bullrush that is tough to anchor against, and he is one of the most active run defenders the Titans have. The Titans may be able to get him as a cheap, long-term solution at DE.

Bernard Pollard S

The Titans have struggled to find leadership since the departure of KB, Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch, but they have found something in Pollard. His effectiveness in the running game and his ability to stir up the defense is one of the reasons why the Titans defense is so much better this year.

Let 'em go

Kenny Britt WR

I hate to beat a dead horse, but Britt just can't be on this team. I'm sure he is a great, fun guy, but Munchak essentially said that Britt couldn't be trusted to keep calm on the field and that is why his snap count is drop. If a guy is struggling to catch the ball, takes away snaps from more talented WRs, and now he can't be trusted not to get a personal foul, that guy has to go. If the Titans could trade him, great, if not they should just let his contract expire in hopes of getting a compensatory 2015 draft pick.

Chris Spence C/G, Rob Turner C

These two can be lumped in together. Neither have done anything to distinguish themselves as quality backups for the Titans so why not shuffle the deck and try again in 2014.

Needs more time

Jackie Battle RB

At this point, I honestly think the Titans should split reps between Shonn Greene and Jackie Battle and whoever ends up with the most yards should keep his job. Sure Greene has more upside, but it is about who can play and who can stay healthy. If Greene can't stay healthy this year, how can you justify paying him? Battle has been dependable, if not exciting, and with better blocking (Schwenke) he should be more productive down the stretch.

Antonio Johnson DT

Another surprising pass rusher, "Mookie" has done a better job than expected getting to the passer. The question is, can Johnson do this long-term or is this just a great first half for him? If Johnson can play above the system and standout over the next few weeks he probably deserves a 2-year deal, if not is it time to give Mike Martin and/or Sammie Lee Hill more reps?

Damian Williams WR

I am a huge fan of Williams and have been for years, but a Hunter/Wright/Washington lineup seems in the cards for 2014. The Titans might love to have D-Will back for the right price, but is he worth what he will go for on the open market? If Williams does a good job as a returner AND can keep up his production on offense, I think the Titans will sign him. If not they will probably let him walk.


Michael Otto OT

The Titans love their swing-tackle, but Otto has shown time and time again that he could be an above average OT in this league. Is this the year that a team outbids the Titans for the heir-apparent at OT? I'm not sure. If one of the Titans OTs gets hurt Otto could be in for a huge payday one way or another.