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Don't look for help in free agency Titans fans

A thin FA pool offers no help to the Titans.


I went in to this article looking for player that could help the Titans during the second half of the season, and came away disappointed.

For those still interested after my disclaimer of disappointment, here are the best fits I could find at each available position. Some positions are deeper than others, and some players could help but no one is deserving of anything other than vet. minimum.

Quarterback- Tyler Wilson

The rookie out of Arkansas has a lot of potential, but in an Oakland system that had poor blocking and a lack any sort of running game, it was tough to thrive. I can't imagine he would be any worse than Rusty Smith or Ryan FItzpatrick, and the Titans have no reason to keep both of those QBs (especially Fitz) after the terrible QB play during Locker's injury.

Running Back- Cedric Benson

Benson hasn't been the player that he looked like coming out of Texas, but he can be a grinder that can get those tough yards. Another candidate here was Michael Turner, just because he is a big RB that can get downhill yards, but doesn't offer any outside burst.

Fullback- Mike Cox

Cox is the opposite of current Titans FB Collin Mooney. Cox is more of a pass-blocking FB that you can keep in a formation as a TE or FB and use him to compensate for poor OT play. The Titans have good offensive tackles, but they are declining and if the Titans would ever add another FB to the roster it would be someone like Cox.

Wide Receiver- Randy Mos...just kidding. Brandon Lloyd.

Brandon Lloyd is a veteran that reminds me a lot of current Titans WR Nate Washington. Both are smaller WRs that excel catching the ball no matter where it is thrown. If the Titans do move Britt (or even if they just bench him) they will need someone to take the remainder of the snaps. If the Titans didn't feel comfortable throwing Hunter in yet (though I don't know why they wouldn't be) then adding someone like Lloyd could be smart.

Tight End- Kevin Boss

Boss is the best of a bad group. In the past, Boss has been a good vertical threat when healthy and the Titans already have way more than enough blocking TEs.

Offensive Tackle- Jared Gaither

Gaither is a giant who plays with terrible leverage, but he does a great job as a run blocker and this teams still believes is built around a run-first mentality. If Stewart gets hurt it would be interesting to see him try out RT.

Offensive Guard- Brandon Moore

To be fair, the former Jet has "retired" so this would be a tough sell. However, if the Titans were in the playoff hunt and wanted the best run blocker available then I can't imagine they calling anyone else first.

Center- Doug Legursky

Like I said this is a WEAK free agent pool, moving on.

Defensive End- Dave Ball

Honestly, I wouldn't mind this move at all if the Titans were inclined to add another DE. I started off anti-Dave, but he was an interesting personality that always played with effort. If he needed the money and wasn't concerned about his concussion he would be a quality add.

Defensive Tackle- Richard Seymour

Probably the best overall free agent on the market, Seymour brings a significant run stuffing ability without sacrificing pass rush. If the Titans ran a Seymour/Ropati DE set with Casey and Hill in the middle on running downs I wouldn't be mad.

Linebacker- Bart Scott

A bigger name than a player, Scott is best when allowed to run downhill. If the Titans needed someone to come in against a run-first team (Jacksonville, Houston, St. Louis, Oakland) then Scott could be an asset.

Cornerback- Jason Allen

Allen hasn't seen much action in the last two years, but he has the tools and the ability to play all of the CB positions. He could be a great "swing" CB if the Titans were looking for depth.

Safety- Kerry Rhodes

A true competitor for the top FA available, Rhodes is a true starting caliber safety in the league. I have no idea why he is a free agent, but if the Titans snagged him to replace Griffin (if his injury is nagging) it would be hard not to assume that the defensive production would stay the same, if not improve.

So...this is my public service announcement saying that unless the Titans could snag Rhodes or Seymour for cheap, it would be better to keep this team in tact going into the soft part of their schedule. I still fully believe that the Titans will end the season with 9-10 wins with this group, and no one is out there that makes the Titans significantly better.