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Titans are not out of it yet, not even close.

The Titans are still very much alive in the NFL, and have a strong chance to grab a wildcard spot in the AFC.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Be optimistic Titans fans, the toughest part of the schedule is over.

Tough start against tough competition.

After a 3-1 sprint through the first four games, the Titans now sit on a three game losing streak. But, the Titans have won the games they should have won, and losing to opponents who were a combined 15-3 isn't a terrible thing. It isn't like the Titans are laying eggs against these guys either, in four losses the Titans have only lost by an average of nine points. That includes two games where the Titans didn't have their starting QB.

The road gets easier from here.

The Titans look forward to likely facing a team with a losing record for the first time all year in St. Louis, who just lost Sam Bradford for the year with an ACL tear. That team is 3-4 and is taking on a hot Seattle team during the Titans bye week, and can hardly afford to look past them.

After that, the Titans face Jacksonville, Oakland, Arizona, Jacksonville (again), and a struggling Texans team. All of those teams currently hold a losing record, and all of which are banged up in one way or another:

St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford- ACL, IR
Jacksonville Jaguars
OT Luke Joeckel- Ankle, IR
Oakland Raiders OT Jared Veldheer- Triceps, IR
Arizona Cardinals OLBs Acho/Alexander/Okafor- IR
Jacksonville Jaguars
OT Luke Joeckel- Ankle, IR
Houston Texans MLB Brian Cushing- Broken leg/knee, IR

Outside of that the Titans have to play an Indianapolis team that is winning the tough games, but losing the ones they "should". If Tennessee can steal one from them then the path to the playoffs becomes much easier.

A optimistic and reasonable prediction.

The Titans will regroup during the bye and make some moves. If the Titans can get back to the form the showed pre-Locker injury, then they should be able to win all of the games mentioned previously.

If the Titans can beat all the teams on the schedule with a losing record, that is a solid nine-win season which could be enough. If not, the Titans can possibly steal one from the Colts or the Broncos (if Manning fades like he did against the Colts Sunday) and I can't imagine a team in the AFC getting the second wildcard if the Titans have a 10-6 record.