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On David Boclair's reaction to Mike Munchak's reaction on the death of Bud Adams

David Boclair ripped into Mike Munchak for his reaction (or lack thereof) to the death of Bud Adams. Was his criticism fair? Does it really matter how Munchak reacted?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday David Boclair wrote this article that created quite a bit of buzz around these parts.  The media has praised him for being spot on.  Fans have hammered him for criticizing Mike Munchak on how he acted when a man he has known for more than 30 years passed away.

Let me say a couple of things to start off here-

1. It is never right to tell someone how to grieve- regardless of if they are an NFL coach or anything else.  That just isn't fair.

2. No one outside of that building has any idea what the Adams family told people inside the building they could say during the day.  For all we know Munch could have gotten a call soon after Bud's death from someone in the family that told him not to say anything publicly until the press conference that afternoon.

With all of that being said, Boclair whole article isn't terrible.  Munch does not have that presidential coach thing going on.  He doesn't look comfortable in press conferences- after a win or a loss.  He isn't out there in the community like Fisher was.  You can take that as a good or a bad thing depending on your perspective, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is whether or not he wins football games.

However, this line from the article:

That’s why on Monday — in a very real way — Fisher was the Titans’ coach once again.

is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. The head coach of the Titans coaches games on the field. It doesn't matter who talked about things that happened in the past.

While I don't understand Coach Munchak's decision to close practice, I don't care about it.  I don't care about how the media perceives him.  I don't care how long it took him to make a statement about this or that.  I want him to win football games.  As Metallica once said, nothing else matters.

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