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Tennessee Titans: Silver Lining Week 7

As always we look at the silver linings in the Titans game after a loss. With so much gloom surrounding the team this week, this one is sorely needed.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Put on your happy face and turn that frown upside down. Let's look at what good came out of the Titans dismantling by the San Fransisco 49ers.

  • Locker looked okay and didn't get hurt. My main concern going into the game wasn't Locker further injuring his current malady, but rather getting hurt in another way due to the injury. It was obvious he wasn't at 100% or even close when he tried to run and he took some big hits in the game as well. He is the future of the franchise and his making it out unscathed is huge.
  • Staying on the Locker theme, it was great for the entire fan base to see how much heart he really has. While not spectacular, his performance on Sunday was gutsy to say the least. Having been a point of contention previously, I truly believe he's the type of quarterback that can galvanize a fan base.
  • Darius Reynaud got cut. He finally messed up enough both in volume and intensity to force Mike Munchak's hand. This is really good news for the team as I feel any move they could make would be lateral at the worst.
  • Dowell Loggains is versatile. The Titans came out with an injured Jake Locker playing from the shotgun and an empty backfield on their opening drive. If not for a key 3rd down drop by Darius Reyanud (I do quesion the personnel decision here) the offense looked to be moving the ball against a spread out 49ers defense. I like Dowell putting Jake in a comfortable position where he can see who's coming and get the ball out quick. Overall the offensive play calling and formations were good throughout the game, it was the execution that was lacking.
  • To quote the great Jimmy Morris "Brett Kern didn't drop any snaps". Very true. Very true.
  • Kendall Wright has fully emerged as a versatile and top flight receiver. The idea of Jake and Kendall working together over the years to come should have fans giddy.
  • This coming week is a bye week for both the Titans and the Colts. We can't lose and they can't win. Time to get all your fall chores done this weekend, because it's full tilt forward starting next week as the Titans make a run at the playoffs.
That's it for this weeks silver linings. What else did you see in the game that keeps away the dreary-wearies?