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2013 Titans FA Breakdown: Week 7

How did Ruston's FA additions do against the 49ers in their week 7 tilt?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Johnson - 3 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack

"Mookie" Johnson has quietly produced very nicely for the team that drafted him. The Titans have gotten more than a handful of nice plays from Johnson, and his effort to step up and play physical football against both the run and the pass has helped the unit despite having been without Sammie Hill for most of the year thus far. Credit Ruston with a superb pickup here, and one that I had been skeptical of at the time. We can all see why he made the roster at this point.

Delanie Walker - 3 catches, 52 yards, TD

Walker wanted a better game against his former team, but it was not for lack of effort on his part. Walker played well outside of a ball he again batted into the air, and subsequently went after to prevent an INT. It wasn't the best throw, but he has to stop doing that, and I'm sure he knows it. The former 49er pulled in a nice TD late in the game, and I feel he and Locker have a good rapport, something that will only improve as the two log more snaps together and the Titans play some less impressive defenses.

Bernard Pollard - 2 tackles, 1 assist (disallowed INT)

Pollard played an "okay" game, though we would be singing a different tune if the Ayers penalty had gone uncalled. That said, the hit Ayers put on Kaepernick in no way affected the throw, so credit to Pollard for making the grab. He missed a chance later in the game to nap another INT (that would have counted) but was only able to deflect it.

Shonn Greene - 1 carry, 2 yards (I won't get on Greene's case. He's coming back from injury, and he wasn't the only back who didn't really get a chance to show his stuff because the team fell behind so early in the game)

Ropati Pitoitua - 2 tackles, 2 assists

Ryan Fitzpatrick - Held the clipboard like a champ.

Andy Levitre - Had a solid outing, and looked much better in the run game.

George Wilson - 2 tackles

Rob Turner - Benched (Finally)

Jackie Battle - None

Sammie Hill - OUT