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Tennessee Titans News Links: ReyNOOOOOOOOOO

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

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We lost yesterday, after a gutsy effort by Jake Locker. I don't want to talk about the loss as a whole so much as I want to freaking kick Darius Reynaud off the team. Is Josh Cribbs still a free agent? Because anyone at this point is a better KR/PR. In other news, the Rams might get ole Tebow to be their starting QB!

Climer says at this point 8-8 would be a successful season. Well, I don't think 8-8 saves Munch his job, so I disagree. We should beat the Rams, Cardinals, Raiders, Jacksonville x2, and the Colts once and the Texans at home. That's 10-6. So the playoffs definitely aren't out of reach, but we definitely need to step it up.

A bright spot in the game was Brian Schwenke who looked good against a stout front 7.

Locker showed a lot of grit. I am so freaking proud of this kid.

Rapid reaction from PK shows that the penalties killed us early. They wiped out an interception that could have changed the shape of the game. Instead it allowed the 9ers to dig a bigger hole for us.

Locker returned but the end result stayed the same as the 49ers defense stifled our offense until the 4th quarter.

Titans defense had no answer for the Kaepernicking offense.

Time for the Titans to have a change at PK/KR. Duh.

Quote of the Day: "No man is happy unless he believes he is." -Philibus