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Titans will consider a change at returner

Mike Munchak said after today's beatdown by the San Francisco 49ers that the Tennessee Titans will consider a change at return man. He is about 6 games too late.

Frederick Breedon

I like Mike Munchak as a person.  He seems like a nice dude, and he obviously knows the game of football.  He was a Hall of Fame offensive lineman and a great offensive line coach.

With all of that being said, he is really slow to make some important decisions as a head coach.  Obviously he is going to make a change at returner.  Running Darius Reynaud out there again after today's debacle might get him fired on the spot.  He know that so a change will be made.

The problem I have with this is that Reynaud has been terrible as a returner all season long.  It all started when he fielded the opening kickoff of the season and took a knee for a safety.  Those of us who watch every game have been screaming for him to be out since then.  Heck, I wrote a post before the final cuts were even made about how they didn't need to carry a return man on the roster.  The fact that it took a day like today to force the change is ridiculous.

You can't be reactionary in today's NFL.  You can't punt on 4th and 1 when you are down 24-0 in the 3rd quarter, you can't kick a field goal when you are down 24-0 in the 4th quarter, and you can't wait until your return man makes multiple egregious errors in the same game to make a chance.

And don't even get me started on having Reynaud on the field as a receiver over Britt to start the game.

Until Mike Munchak figures these things out he will not be a successful head coach in the NFL.

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