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MCM Radio: Reacting to the Tennessee Titans vs. San Francisco 49ers

Live tonight at 9:00!

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As you probably noticed from the abnormally generic post title, I'm writing this well before kick-off thanks to a couple of gifted end zone tix. Sadly, I can't give you a preview of the show or set the tone in any real way because I'm writing this in the now, now. Everything I'm writing now, is being written now. But to you, it's being written then. Want to go back to then?

You can't. You missed it. When?

Just now.

K. Enogh with the goofiness. Danomite and I will be recording a brand spanking new MCM Radio tonight at 9:00 with reactions to the Titans vs. 49ers, the beginning of the era of Schwenke and the return of Jake Locker. Hopefully it'll be a happy show, but either way it'll be fun!

You can join in the chat and listen live here, and you can get the show via iTunes shortly after the show ends. If you could, please leave us a really great review on iTunes while you're there... it'll help the Titans diaspora find our who more easily, and it'll be your good deed for the day!