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Titans vs 49ers: Players to watch, offense

Who needs the biggest day?


The Titans don't need a high-flying offense to win considering how well the defense is playing, but they do need players to step up. So who needs to preform for the Titans to move to 4-3?

Jake Locker QB

Ok Jake, you say you are ready for action and the coaches believe you. Since all signs point to Locker starting this week, I have to assume in practice he was healthy enough to make all the throws and that he can move in the pocket to escape contact. If Jake really is ready to go and pulls in a W for the Titans this week, he can go from being compared to Vince Young in 2012, to being compared to Steve McNair in 2013. All eyes will be on the upstart QB, and if he is anything like where he was two weeks ago, this offense should be night and day different.

Shonn Greene RB

The Titans haven't been able to move the ball in between the tackles AT ALL this year, and fans believe that the reason why is because the Titans have been missing Shonn Greene. Well, after missing a substantial amount of time Greene needs to prove he was worth the wait. Greene's forte in the past has been moving the chains in shorts down and distances and he can play all three downs, if he can be that guy for the Titans, he will prove worthy of the contract he got in the offseason.

Brian Schwenke C

Another player who we haven't seen in a while. Schwenke wasn't exactly dominant in preseason, but neither was Locker or the defense so take that with a grain of salt. Schwenke posses top-end speed and toughness for the center position, and the coaching staff (which has two HoF offensive linemen did you know that?!?) decided that he was ready to take the reigns now instead of after the bye week.

I have been on record saying that I don't agree with the move, but I see the possible benefits. If Schwenke has a big day though, it would be hard not to get excited about the future of this offense.