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Titans depth chart for Kansas City Chiefs game is out

The Titans have released their depth chart for the Chiefs game. There is currently no back-up quarterback listed.


Earlier today Jim Wyat tweeted out the Titans depth chart for the game against the Chiefs on Sunday. There were no changes to the depth chart, but the interesting thing is that there is no back-up quarterback listed. The Titans worked out quarterbacks yesterday, but they have decided to not sign anyone and bring up Rusty Smith. They have until Saturday to do that because as a member of the practice squad there is no restriction to what he can or can't do during the week in practice.

That really was the obvious choice all along, but I sure hope that Rusty doesn't have to play any meaningful snaps for this team because he just isn't an NFL quarterback. I know a lot of people really want him to be, but he just isn't.

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