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Tennessee Titans News Links: Rise

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!


The Titans defense has been much improved due to the strategical shift to blitz more. Look at the ridiculous numbers the defense puts up when we blitz. It's insane.

Titans are confident in Fitzpatrick. So am I as long as he doesn't turn the ball over. This will be the recipe for success.

Fanspeak has us at #9 on their power rankings. That's pretty good.

Fanspeak also has how we can with without Jake.I think we can win this weekend, our defense is legit and our blitzes will make Alex Smith extremely uncomfortable. Look at who the Chiefs have played, Jaguars, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants. Not one of those teams has a good defense. Not one. Take care of the ball, and we should be able to get a win.

Here's the Titans' statement on Jake Locker. He should be back after the bye. Just in time for me to see him up here in St. Louis. I'm amped.

NFL AM talks about the impact of Locker's injury with Blaine Bishop.

PK talks about what he thinks the Titans are thinking. Good stuff.

Look at where the Titans stand in key statistical categories, it's night and day from last year.

Locker could miss only 3 weeks. This is huge.

If the Titans beat the 5th ranked Chiefs in the power rankings on Sunday, I would expect a giant leap up from the current 12th spot we hold.

Quote of the Day: "Necessity dispenseth with decorum." -Thomas Carlyle