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Titans vs 49ers: non-QB playmaker is also healthy

Locker is getting healthy, but another offensive player is coming back that could be just as important.


The big news this week is that Titans QB Jake Locker looks like he will be the starter despite suffering a nasty looking injury against the Jets. However, a former Jet player's return may have just as big of an impact.

Shonn Greene has reportedly looked very good and the Titans are optimistic that he can play "15-20" snaps this week. So how is this game-changing news? The Titans finally have a short-yardage back that can get one yard on 3rd and 1.

In back to back weeks, the Titans have been faced with situations where they needed someone to get them that crucial first down. In the Kansas City game the Titans offensive drives faltered on the goalline twice resulting in a total of three points. That just can't happen when you are playing an undefeated team.

Against the Seahawks, Jackie Battle was fighting a neck injury that kept him off the field and the team had to turn to Darius Reynaud in a crucial 3rd and 1. We all remember how that turned out.

The Titans are a team that desperately want to run the ball between the tackles effectively, but they just haven't been able to manage it. With Shonn Greene, a change at center, and the starting QB healthy again, you have to assume that the Titans running game will see a significant boost this week.

If the Titans can get Greene rolling then this team could have a completely different complexion after the bye week.