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49ers vs. Titans Prime Match-Ups to Watch

Here are my match-ups under the microscope for Sunday's game against the Niners at LP.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Schwenke vs Tony Jerod-Eddie

The front-and-center match-up of the day will be the rookie Center, Schwenke vs the backup Niners NT in Jerod-Eddie. This will be interesting to watch indeed, and it may well decide whether or not the Titans can run the ball. I am hoping Greene can come back and pound the ball more effectively between the tackles, and especially up the middle behind the bull-strong Schwenke. The rookie will need to be active in protection calls, but he has plenty of veterans around him to ease the burden. While this is a big game for two untested players, I have faith that the rookie will come out on top. Call it intuition, but with the help of Levitre and his long-time buddy Chance Warmack, I say he puts on a decent show. How do you see this one playing out?

Zach Brown vs Vernon Davis

This is a highlighted match-up indeed, the league's fastest TE against the league's fastest OLB. While I think Gray/Williams will rotate safety help to aid Brown in coverage, I think the young Titan has a better chance than most to run with the burner. Davis has been putting on clinics of late, making up for other areas of deficiency in the Niners passing attack that was killed by injuries before it left the starting stalls. Both players are apt to make the highlight reel plays, but who makes more of them Sunday?

Jurrell Casey vs Mike Iupati

This is another big-time bout between two very good players. Casey has made a lot of guards look extremely slow so far this year, but Iupati might be the best he'll have faced as of yet. The Niner Guard has done a nice job of opening up lanes for Gore and Hunter which has kept the 49er offense on schedule, and helped them avoid the third and longs where Kaepernick struggled early in the season. This will be an important battle to see who can control the trenches, and if Casey can put up the barricades against the run early, it will have the effect of increasing the pass rush down the line. Who makes a stand?