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Week 7: Predictions From The Contributors and Los Blancos Chicca

Week 7: Predictions From The Contributors

Form tackle
Form tackle
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Well, good thing we brought Gunnels in. Cause he is apparently a genius. He posted the first perfect score in the history of PFTC last week. So he gets the first 3 points and probably just won the season. Most everybody was right last week (except Greenlaw, but don't hold that against him).

The LBC kicks us off this week:

Los Blancos Chicca (4-2)

I am not expecting Locker to play. With that said, the defense has been playing incredible football and will keep our boys in the game as usual. SF runs the ball well, so I expect a little trouble for the D-Line in that regard. The secondary D has the ability to handle SF's air game. On offense, our run game will need to step up in this one as I don't expect Fitz to get better, even though All State and Wright have a better chance of making plays this Sunday than they did last. Call me a homer, but I still expect the boys to pull through.

Titans 20 - 49ers 17

gunnels (7-1)

Daniel R. (6-0)

Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't deserve all the blame for this two game skid, but I probably will not pick the Titans to win until Locker comes back. Fitzpatrick and the nonexistent run offense means that we won't be scoring many points this Sunday, again. Hopefully the defense keeps it close.

49ers 26 - Titans 17

gramsey712 (5-1)

If Locker can dress, he'll play. He will dress. And he will play. And he will win.

Shut down the run and shut down Vernon Davis. Pretty simple right? Titans win at home.

Titans 21 - 49ers 14

Jimmy (5-1)

This is a tough one. I would probably call a win if I knew Locker was playing, but I can't do it with Fitzy gun slingin all over the yard.

49ers 23 - Titans 13

SuperHorn (3-3)

San Francisco isn't the threatening team that the appeared to be heading into the season. They remain solid on defense, and in the run game. Their passing game leaves much to be desired, especially on the perimeter. Vernon Davis is clearly their favorite and most impactful target. I'd expect to see a good dose of George Wilson, who is more capable of covering Davis than a linebacker, yet not a liability as a box defender. Offensively, the Titans will need to get the run game going. At this point, it's hard to project much out of the passing game given the uncertainty at quarterback. I think the Titans squeek out a tough game at home

Titans 16 - 49ers 13

Xanpham (4-1)

The Titans will likely play a similar game to last week. The real difference will be how much the offensive line, complete with the new insertion of rookie hair sensation, Brian Schwenke, can improve the Titans running game. Hopefully Shonn Greene will make his return this week, but I'm not holding my breath. The Niners will likely take an approach along the lines of Seattle last week, pounding with the run and getting the QB scrambling to the edges when needed. I think the Titans will do a better job of containing that threat this week, but with Fitz still calling the shots on offense, the defenders will again get worn down in the latter half of the game. That said, I think they do a better job against a less-explosive offense. I see another gritty match-up with a single turnover on either side capable of swinging the entire game. I think both offenses will struggle, and we'll be seeing plenty of field goals.

I may regret this, but I am prepared to give the Titans the benefit of the doubt when you factor in the home field and the long trip for the 49ers, but it will be very close.

Titans 19 - 49ers 17

robgreenlaw (2-3)

Shutting down the run game is going to be key. So is shutting down Vernon Davis. Can't let him burn you like the Cardinals let him. The defense will do a good job of these things and the offense finally gets into a little bit of a rhythm. Titans win a game they've dubbed a "must win" and things look up as they should get Jake back after they bye.

Titans 20 - 49ers 17

jlomas (3-0)

The Titans are getting healthier, but I suspect they will pull back Greene and Locker, leaving the same crew that the team had in Seattle. I think the 49ers defense is worse than the Seahawks, and I think that the defense is up to the challenge of slowing down the 49ers, but I predict with the Titans up late in the fourth, the 49ers will turnover Fitzpatrick and a conservative late game defense will allow the 49ers to nickel and dime the Titans to a loss.

49ers 23 - Titans 17

dreese (2-1)

I see a game similar to the one we just struggled through in Seattle. The run game should be improved by the addition of Greene and possibly with the addition of Schweinke, but we aren't beating an elite defense like San Francisco with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB. The defense will hold up their end of the bargain, but Fitzmagic will happen and turnovers will be aplenty. Get better soon, Jake.

49ers 21 - Titans 13

The poll did not get it done last week, choosing the Seahawks by more than 7. 2-3 for you guys.