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49ers vs. Titans odds: San Francisco an early 4 point favorite

We break down the early odds for the Titans Week 7 matchup against the 49ers.

Thearon W. Henderson

I am fascinated by gambling lines.  I don't gamble because I would lose everything I own if I did, but those guys in Vegas are pretty smart.  There is a reason they have all of those big, beautiful buildings, and it isn't because they lose a lot.

The early line for the Titans game this week against the 49ers is San Fran -4.  If I were a gambling man, I would be all over the 9ers at that number.  The Titans haven't given me any reason to think that they can stay within 4 of the defending NFC Champs with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center.

The more interesting part of that line is that it opened 49ers -6.  That means some money has come in on the Titans.  Why?  Your thoughts welcome in the comments.

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