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NFL trade rumors: Titans seeking a third round pick for Kenny Britt

The trade rumors swirling around Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt seem to be everywhere. Let's hope where there is smoke there is fire.

Wesley Hitt

Kenny Britt played two snaps yesterday.  Two.  The really sad thing is that good Kenny Britt could have really helped the Titans in that game yesterday.  He is the only receiver on the team that is physical enough to win against the corners the Seahawks have.  (It also didn't help that the referees were letting said corners do whatever they wanted to do to receivers, but that's not what we are talking about right now.)  But the problem, of course, is that good Kenny Britt only exists as a figment of our imaginations at this point.

Jason LaCanfora, who I unfollowed recently on Twitter because I don't care about his political thoughts, is reporting that the Titans are seeking a third round pick for Britt.  In a related note, I would like to get $25,000 for my 2001 Honda Accord that has 166,000 miles on it.

As I said yesterday, the Titans will be lucky to get a 4th for Britt, and that will only happen if there are a couple of teams that REALLY want him.

With all of that being said, the Titans should take whatever they can get for him at this point- especially if they aren't going to put him on the field.

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