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Titans vs Seahawks: Players to watch, defense

Who can stop Russell Wilson and company?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans offense has a tough task today putting up points on a suffocating Seattle defense, but the Seattle offense provides its own set of difficulties. Who are the key players today?

George Wilson/Zach Brown, S/LB

There should be no package the Titans use where one of these players is not in the game. I believe that these two players will be the Titans best option to contain Russell Wilson's running ability. If Brown/Wilson works as a QB spy and keeps everything in front of him, then Wilson should be contained for the most part.

Jurrell Casey, DT

Titans faithful always expect a big game from Casey, he has very good potential and each year he gets better. Casey gets an easy matchup today in a returning Max Unger and J.R. Sweezy. Unger is good when healthy, but getting his first start back against an aggressive Titans matchup should be tough on him. Casey will also have to deal with the running back Marshawn Lynch. If Casey can pop Lynch a few times, it could knock him out of a rhythm which would be big for Tennessee.

Ropati Pitoitua DE/Mammoth (I mean look at that picture)

The team's enforcer on the DL, Ropati plays angry and loves to throw down running backs and quarterbacks alike. Today, RP gets to matchup with one of the league's worst OTs Paul McQuistan, and he should devour him. McQuistan has scored a negative pass blocking rating in every game this year according to PFF, and Pitoitua should be looking to add to that streak.