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Titans vs Seahawks: Players to watch, offense

Are there any players who can provide a spark on offense for the Titans?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans play arguably the best defense in the league in week 6, are their any players that can have big games?

Delanie Walker TE

Walker has been a very good player so far for the Titans, despite losing a franchise QB in week 4. Walker has been a great blocker, and his deceptive ability to catch and run through tackles has been a pleasant surprise. With the Seahawks starting OLB Bobby Wagner out for the Titans game, expect Delanie to force some matchup issues. If Fitzpatrick can be decisive and make quick reads then Walker could have a big day as a safety blanket.

Kendall Wright and Nate Washington WR

If you haven't read my article on how these two can be a big factor I encourage you to look here. If you are feeling lazy on this Sunday morning don't worry I will give you the short version. Seahawks defenders have issues covering small WRs. I map it out better in the article though, so if you get a chance take a peak.

Jackie Battle RB

Now, we all know what Jackie Battle is: a sturdy RB that loves contact but has terrible vision. If the Titans cut out that awful ZBS they have been running then Battle could have a big day. The Seahawks have lighter LBs to flow with the side-to-side plays, but can they stop a downhill runner like battle on the edges? I don't think so, but the Titans may not give Battle enough carries to find out.