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What is the right value for Kenny Britt and 5 teams that could trade for him

Which teams could come calling for Kenny Britt?


The Titans still are holding on to Kenny Britt and insisting that he is this team's starter, but why? The only logical answer is that they are trying to show his trade value.

So what will is the "magic number" for the Titans? Surely they can't be expecting a first, second, third, or fourth for Britt. Sure he is big and tall, but he has had a terrible season catching the ball and it is only a 11-game rental.

I think if the Titans have "received calls" like Webster has said, they have probably been for sixth and seventh round picks. I'm down on Britt, but I don't think you can find anyone with more value in those rounds if you are set on trading him.

If that is all true, then the Titans ideally should be looking for a fifth round pick. The Titans have actually had really good value in the fifth round. The Titans last three, fifth-round draft picks have looked like steals: Lavar Edwards, Taylor Thompson and Karl Klug were all picks in that 140-ish range.

So the theory is would you trade Kenny Britt for a role player like that? I say obviously yes. So, who are potential trade partners for the Titans that make sense?

Seattle Seahawks: Able, but unlikely

The 'Hawks have an extra-fifth round pick, and they don't have anyone with "Britt-like" potential healthy on that roster. I don't expect them to make this move, but it would be a great mis-match for teams like the Rams and 49ers who have a talented, but thin secondary.

San Francisco 49ers: Getting warmer

The 49ers don't have a lot of need for a fifth round pick, most of their contributors are going to come from the top rounds considering how deep they are. The only WR on the 49ers team that looks like a real NFL starter is Anquan Boldin. If the 49ers feel like they can coach Britt up into a #1/2 WR for the playoffs he could be an asset.

Atlanta Falcons: Need is there, but are they too far gone?

The Falcons have no WR talent now, but they have Gonzo, Matt Ryan and Steven Jackson. So the question is, do you believe in your head coach and team enough to make this trade in a last-ditch effort. Kenny wouldn't replace Julio by any means, but he would give Ryan another outside target who would see easy coverage due to Gonzo and Roddy White.

St. Louis Rams & Detroit Lions: The usual suspects

With strong ties to the Titans it isn't hard to see one of these teams making a "friendly deal". The Rams continue to have no weapons on the outside and they seem to love overpaying for players that the Titans no longer want *cough cough* Jared Cook. The Lions need someone opposite Calvin Johnson, especially with Megatron banged up. If Stafford could make Britt a threat it would mean less punishing hits for Calvin.

Final word:

I don't think cutting Britt is the right answer. Even if you don't get any production out of him, you will probably get a supplementary in the future. If you are going to phase him out of the offense do what you are doing now. Teams are still respecting him as the Titans #1 WR and usually put their best player on him, if you know that you can gameplan around it.