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Titans vs Seahawks: Which player could force the upset

One player seems to be under the radar and poised for a big day, could it result in a Tennessee victory?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans may have to face two of the best corners in the league, but they may a player that could pose a real threat to their home win streak. Or players.

It is hard to argue that there is anyway to consistently beat Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner on the outside of the field, however the Titans have the Colts to thanks for pointing out one flaw. Sherman and Browner both struggle defending smaller, quicker WRs.

Looking deeper, if you disregard the Texans game considering they have no "small" receivers, the Seahawks have played four games against teams with dynamic, smaller receivers. In those games they have allowed T.Y. Hilton, Steve Smith, Kyle Williams, and Cecil Shorts a combined 23 receptions for 373 yards and three touchdowns. That comes out to 93 yards and .75 TDs per game from the "slot" WR alone.

So, do the Titans have anyone that can fit this role? Maybe someone that has been consistently improving despite losing Locker two weeks ago? Obviously you see where I am going with this, I believe that Kendall Wright will be a big factor in this game.

Wright had six catches and 74 yards in last week's game against the Chiefs, and there isn't any reason to expect a drop off this week. In fact, if Fitzpatrick is afraid of throwing at the tall CBs for the Seahawks (which is fair) then why not attack the middle of the field.

Last week, FItzpatrick struggled throwing to the outside and I have a hard time imagining that Loggains was in meeting rooms this week gameplanning to attack Sherman. If the Titans can play "small ball" and keep the score tight, a nice catch and run from Kendall could mean be the difference in the game.

Wright obviously fits the type of WR that has given Seattle problems this year, but you know who also isn't exactly a giant: Nate Washington. #85 is 6'1" but he plays small in the best ways, he is quick, shifty and he has the best hands on the team. If the Seahawks decide to scheme against Kendall Wright, they could easily put Washington in the slot and have him mimic the gameplan.

No matter the choice, the Titans may not be quite the underdog that everyone thinks they are. Seattle is a staunch defense, but so are the Titans. This game will be decided by a few offensive plays, if the Titans can make them they might be able to sneak away at 4-2.