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Why Schwenke isn't the answer for the Titans...yet.

Rob Turner isn't a long-term answer, but his time isn't up.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

I have been a big Rob Turner defender this year, and I don't regret it. Having said that, I think Schwenke is the team's best answer to win...after the break.

Turner's pros

-Turner has been very good calling out protections and recognizing blitzes, his issue is execution.

-Both Fitzpatrick and Locker have had an easy time getting the ball from Turner whether that means a shotgun snap or from under center. Schwenke had issues in the preseason and you can't just expect those to be gone.

-Despite the PFF stats, Warmack is getting better every week and I think that is (in large part) due to continuity on the offensive line. Take away the person helping him read defenses for someone with less starts than him and you are asking for a protection slip-up.

-For is much is made about his early season penalties, he doesn't make a lot of dumb mistakes. He did have a "peel-back" hit on Watt, but I think we can all agree that was a stupid call and the only reason the refs called it is because there was some whining going on as we all saw after the game.

Turner's cons

-He doesn't have the lower body strength to anchor big NTs like Poe and it causes him to get rushed back into the QB.

-He struggles to get to the next level and effectively block LBs.

-While he can "position block" defenders, he doesn't have the nastiness and quickness to beat a defender into the ground.

So when should the Titans put in Schwenke

-Week 6 against the Seahawks? Well no obviously not, that chance has come and gone. It should be noted thought that even if they had made the switch the crowd noise and defensive presence would have made for a very tough rookie debut.

-Week 7 against the 49ers? Getting warmer, I still think they will ride out the Locker injury with Turner starting but if he just gets demolished in Seattle then Schwenke could at least be on the active roster. The 49ers interior is banged up and isn't quite as lethal as expected.

-Week 8 the bye week. This is the week to do it, have Schwenke and Turner "split reps" with both QBs even if Jake is just getting the ball snapped to him in shorts and start making the move. If the two are even close to each other start Schwenke, his upside and long-term growth is important to that offensive line and if he can't hack it the Titans will need to explore other options this offseason.