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Week 6: Predictions From The Contributors and infinitystealth

Week 6: Predictions From The Contributors

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Week 6. I remember when LP Field was one of the toughest places to play and we had a home winning streak. Ahhhh the good old days.

Only one correct prediction last week. Still no exact score. infinitystealth kicks us off:

"infinitystealth" (3-2)

If Jake Locker was playing this game, I’d pick the Titans to win straight up in Seattle. Without him, our offense looks nowhere the same. Fitzpatrick is one of the better backup QBs in the league (if not the best), but there’s only so much he can do, especially without an effective run-game.

On the defensive side of the ball, I think we will have another solid performance. Our DL should have a field day against their OL, and if we can keep Wilson contained within the pocket, our secondary shouldn’t have any major issues covering their WRs, especially given the recent struggles of Russell Wilson.

Ultimately, I think that their defense is too strong and will make enough plays to keep our offense grounded. However, I feel that we will be right there in the thick of it late in the 4th quarter because of our defense overwhelming their offense. IF Chris Johnson and the run game have a productive afternoon AND our defense plays like it has all season long, we can win this game. But, I don’t think this is the week our rushing attack takes that step forward. One thing I know for sure: never count out the 2013 Titans!

Seahawks 24 - Titans 20

"Daniel R." (5-0)

The Seahawks could very well be the best team in the whole league and we have the pleasure of facing them without our starting quarterback. To make matters worse they're coming off a somewhat surprising loss to the Colts so they'll be looking for some redemption. Did I mention the game is in Seattle too? Where the Seahawks pretty much never lose? Even with Locker this would have been an extremely difficult game for the Titans to win. Now? Well, let's just hope I'm wrong.

Seahawks 30 - Titans 16

"gunnelsj" (4-1)

Gotta say I'm not loving this one. The homer in me decided to go against my gut and pick the Titans last weekend, and that didn't work out. What I really think is that the team will struggle in a difficult environment. Hopefully the return of Shonn Greene will get the running game back on track and can help keep the game close. Titans fall to .500 before returning home to take on the 49ers.

Seahawks 20 - Titans 13

"Jimmy Morris" (4-1)

The last time the Titans played in Seattle they won. A lot had changed since then. The Seahawks just don't lose at home anymore- especially to a team playing their back-up quarterback.

Seahawks 24 - Titans 10

"gramsey712" (4-1)

Why are we playing Seattle on the road again anyway? We are getting screwed out of what would be a more optimal matchup at home and have to watch the Cardinals at home again. Plus Pratt got screwed out of seeing his Titans! We should all protest by not watching the Titans play until 4:05 Eastern time on Sunday!

Get well soon Jake.

Seahawks 20 - Titans 10

"Xanpham" (3-1)

The Titans have their hands full this week. A physical game against a top defense filled to the brim with talent in the loudest stadium in the league...where they haven't lost in ten straight tilts. I'm not confident that Fitzpatrick has what it takes to run this offense well enough to keep pace with the Hawks. Short of a tremendous day from the offensive line and CJ, I just don't see it. On defense I think the Titans show up in a big way, especially in the pass rush department where Seattle has had some struggles of late. In the end, I think they come up short.

Seahawks 24 - Titans 14

"robgreenlaw" (2-2)

I'm not going to pick against the Titans. I just won't. So I'm predicting we pull off the shocker in Seattle. The defense contains Russell Wilson, and limits Lynch. On offense we do just enough to get the job done and win.
Titans pull off the stunner

Titans 10 - Seahawks 7

"SuperHorn" (2-3)

Seahawks 24 - Titans 13

"jlomas" (2-0)

The Titans have a stifling defense, but Ryan Fitzpatrick at Seattle seems like a recipe for 3+ turnovers. I expect an overaggressive Seahawks defense to make some mistakes early trying to recover from a loss last week, but after a Jackie Battle TD I think they settle down and shut out the Titans from that point forward.

Seahawks 24 - Titans 10

So that is 8 picks for the home team and 1 robgreenlaw. Let's home the outcome is greenlawesome!

You guys missed again last week. Bunch of homers. That makes you guys 2-3.