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Tennessee Titans: Bench Britt. Period.

The Titans have done the right thing by not giving up on Kenny Britt up until this point. Now, if they keep going back to him while the game is still in balance, they will be acting out the definition of insanity.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how Titans fans should forget about Kenny Britt. No longer should he be looked upon as a play maker or a number one receiver. No longer should he be expected to exploit defensive backs down the field and make the contested catches due to his size, strength and speed. Instead, fans and the coaching staff alike should take whatever contributions Kenny Britt could give the team as gravy.

Now I'm changing my tune.

Kenny Britt has 6 catches out of 22 targets on the season.

Like many fans, I chimed in to bench Britt in the opening of the Chargers game as he proceeded to drop passes and commit penalties. But I must admit my heart wasn't in it. I'm a fan of the team and root for all of it's players. Somewhere deep inside I hoped the Titans would do exactly what they've done the following weeks and go back to Kenny. Get him going. Let him prove he can be the receiver we've all known he could be. Help him help you.

Well no more.

There comes a time when having faith in a player becomes detrimental to the team. I understand the dichotomy between the coaching staff and the players, the trust level that is in play as well. You have to stick with your guys that you believe in. However, the Titans are at the point where the attempts to Britt are hurting the team.

This isn't gravy, it's just lumps in the potatoes. Cold potatoes.

Britt's inconsistencies have turned into being bad. The number of dropped passes in key situations has stalled too many drives and cost the team too much momentum when it counted most. No longer can the Titans afford to have him on the field in contested games.

At this point, he's just taking away playing time from a solid contributor in Damien Williams as impeding on the development of Justin Hunter.

I'm still not saying to cut Britt. I'm not saying to trade him. He could prove to be valuable depth if injuries should occur later in the season. But there's no reason he should have the ball in his hands (or bounce off them) in an even slightly important situation. Junk time soft coverage sounds about right to me, and that's about it.